Our Mission:

One thing we are very proud of is the network of professionals we have on speed dial for you. Need house insurance? easy. Need Life insurance? no problem. Need a Lawyer? Just let us know and we have multiple that we trust and can put you in touch with.

Our Values are as follows

Drop the victim mentality – We take personal responsibility and are problem solvers. We don’t blame issues on others. We look at every problem as a problem to be solved not to be pushed onto someone else. Removing the blame and making an agreement with yourself means better service and value provided to the clients.

Speed – Fast beats Free. It is no secret that mortgage advisers are a free service to the customer. But, we need a point of difference. Because every bank and other broker is also free. We know clients are busy. So we get as much done on behalf of the client as fast as we can. We have heard too many stories of waiting for weeks or even months to get a loan approval. Not acceptable here. The trick in being fast is done behind the scenes. We train our brokers to be preemptive, use initiative, be accurate and communicate clearly. The programme takes you from “Adviser” to “knowledgeable adviser” to “Trusted Financial Guardian”. This is where clients find value. Fast, efficient, do what we say, say what we do.

The clue is in the title – Service
Being a mortgage adviser means you are in the services industry. We love this because the formula for success is simple. Provide good quality service over time and you will succeed. There are really no secrets to this. All our advisers are given our company process map that outlines a step by step process on how to provide good service and detailed loan applications from start to finish. When followed the results come. Clients receive clear and concise comms, detailed emails outlining what stage they are at and what destination they are being taken too.
Now, looking back at our mission. Joining Guardian Smith means you are part of a brand that will be here for a long time. We want advisers that are looking to do the same. It’s a life changing career move and we don’t take that commitment lightly. We envisage being a group of 75+ advisers spread across the country helping thousands of clients a year get into home ownership. It is no secret that owning a home is getting harder for some so that can’t happen without the planning and strategy that comes from our team.

If you want to join this mission and become a Guardian Adviser please reach out to Mikey our Managing Director for more info.

Become a Guardian Advisor

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